The ISTJ personality type in the medical field

How Leadership Is Promoted by an ISTJ Personality


How My ISTJ Personality Can Get in the Way of Becoming a Healthcare Leader 

¬†The ISTJ Personality Type’s Four Facets

– Introvert

Someone who prefers to keep their personal space and time to themselves is an introvert. They flourish when left alone (Heyward, 2014). They draw inspiration for their work from introspection and careful thought. I’m an introvert, thus I don’t usually socialize with other people because a lot of people around me can be distracting. I prefer to be by myself so that I can organize my thoughts and maintain my attention on the main objective.


Before beginning any action, people with an ISTJ personality type largely rely on their senses and intuition (Heyward, 2014). We depend more on experience than theory and learn best through auditory and visual experiences with our subjects. Working with seasoned, well-organized systems is something I enjoy. I don’t focus on problems that lack empirical evidence, and I prefer to have well-defined objectives for the tasks I must do. As I work, I also like to adhere strictly to the norms, and I expect the same behavior from my teammates.


– Think

I prefer to decide after carefully considering all sides of a proposition and using reason to my analysis. I am therefore a detail-oriented person, which makes me take longer to make decisions. This is advantageous for me as a leader since I apply analysis and critical thinking in my work, which lowers the possibility of mistakes at work.


Because I’m committed to achieving high standards and fulfilling deadlines, I also rely a lot on my judgment. I work on one task at a time and prefer to have a well-thought-out plan when handling business. I also find it difficult to change my mind, so once I make a decision, it’s difficult to go back on. I also need time to get used to changes or realize that they are necessary.



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