General Nursing Course Code and Titles

CHN101 – Introduction To Community Health Nursing

CHN401 – Theory Development Of Mental Health Nursing

CHN402 – Introduction To Psychotherapy

CHN403 – Primary Mental Health Nursing

CHN404 – Psychopharmacology

CHN405 – Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM)-5 Diagnostic Criteria

CHN406 – Nursing Management Of Mental Disorders In Adults

CHN407 – Nursing Management Of Childhood Mental Disorders

CHN411 – Law And Ethical Of Mental Health Nursing

CHN412 – Drug And Alcohol Counselling


CHN425 – Community Health Nursing II

CHN455 – Normal Psychological Growth And Development I

CHN520 – Community Health Nursing III

CHN551 – Mental Health Problems And Society I

CHN554 – Treatment And Management Modalities For Mental Health Problems I

DEM101 – Introduction To Demography

GNS 111 – Introduction To Psychology

GNS 115 – Human Anatomy And Physiology I

GNS409 – Aspects Of Law For Health Practice

GNS427 – Health Services Management IV

GNS431 – Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing II

GNS470 – Peritoneal Dialysis

GNS471 – Renal Function And Failure

GNS472 – Renal Transplantation

GNS473 – Nursing Care Across The Kidney Disease Trajectory

GNS475 – Hemodialysis Dialysis

GNS506 – Ethos And Professional Practice

GNS510 – Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing IV

GNS512 – Theoretical Basis Of Nursing I

GNS601 – Research Methods In Nursing

GNS603 – Pathophysiology

GNS606 – Pharmacotherapeutics Across The Lifespan

GNS607 – Family Nurse Practice Of The Child And Adolescent

GNS609 – Health Economics


GNS610 – Monitoring And Evaluation

GNS612 – Data Analysis And Interpretation

GNS614 – Human Resources Management

GNS618 – Family Nurse Practice For The Adult And Elder

GNS621 – Clinical Teaching

GNS622 – Common Mental Health Disorders In Children And Adults

GNS628 – Advanced Health Assessment

GNS633 – Analysis Of Health Policy Issues

GNS635 – Demography For Health Sciences

GNS636 – Emerging Issues In Health

GNS638 – Biostatistics For Evidence-based Practice

HSC403 – Health Systems Research

HSC407 – Health Statistics

LH305 – Aspects Of Law For Health Practice

MID443 – Community Based Midwifery

MID502 – Labor With Complications

MID506 – Postpartum With Complications

MID512 – Pregnancy With Complications

MWF401 – Foundations Of Midwifery

MWF402 – Labor With Complications


MWF403 – Normal Puerperium And Post Natal Care

MWF404 – Emergency Obstetrics And Neonatal Care

MWF406 – Postpartum With Complications

MWF407 – Normal Pregnancy And Antenatal Care

MWF408 – Neonate With Complications

MWF409 – Normal Labor And Intrapartum Care

MWF412 – Pregnancy With Complications

MWF426 – Child Nutrition

MWF445 – Professionalism And Management In Midwifery

MWF502 – Labor With Complications

MWF602 – Advanced Leadership And Management

MWF603 – Embryology And Neonatal Science

MWF605 – Midwifery Theories, Frameworks And Models

MWF606 – Advanced Community Midwifery

MWF607 – Midwifery Education

MWF608 – Midwifery Education II

MWF609 – Advanced Midwifery Science

MWF631 – Maternal And Child Nutrition

MWF632 – Health Policy Planning Financing

MWF634 – Bioethics

NUR403 – Health Service Management III

NUR405 – Community Health Nursing I

NUR420 – Health Assessment And Diagnosis

NUR430 – Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing I

NUR451 – Ethical Issues, Dilemmas And Professional Practice In Mental Health Nursing

NUR452 – Normal Psychological Development I

NUR453 – Normal Psychological Development II

NUR501 – Health Service Management V

NUR507 – Theoretical Basis Of Nursing I

NUR508 – Theoretical Basis Of Nursing II


NUR510 – Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing III

NUR511 – Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing IV

NUR520 – Community Health Nursing III

NUR521 – Community Health Nursing Science IV

NUR552 – Mental Health Problems And Society I

NUR553 – Mental Health Problems And Society II

NUR 554 – Treatment And Management Modalities For Mental Health Problems I

NUR555 – Treatment And Management Modalities For Mental Health Problems II