Professional Roles and Values, C304 V3 Task 1 (0917)

Nursing Theory

Identify and describe a nursing theory that has influenced the candidate’s values and goals.

known for her environmental adaptation theory. In her theory she discusses ventilation and warming, noise, variety, diet, light, cleanliness, and chattering hopes and advices. I feel that her theory influences my values and goals. Her theory is also used every day in the hospital facility I work in (Cherry and Jacob, 2017).


Excellent Nursing Practice


Professional Practice Nursing Theory


Contributions of 19th or 20th Century Historical Nursing Figures


Historical Nursing Figures

(1801-1900) or twentieth century (1901-2000).


Difference in Contributions


Description of Historical figures


Nursing Organizations and Boards

State Board of Nursing VS. American Nurses Association (ANA).

American Nurses Association.

 Roles of Organizations.

BON & ANA Influence.

Professional License Renewal & Maintenance

Explain the requirements for professional license renewal in your state.


Discuss the consequences of failure to maintain license requirements in your state.


Professional Practice Nursing Theory

Compact VS. Non-Compact State

–       In the United States there are compact and non-compact states. Compact states allow you to practice in other compact states without having to obtain an additional license, but your original residence needs to be located in a compact state (Douglas, n.d.). If you reside in a non-compact state, then you are not able to practice in any other state. In order to practice in other states then you have to obtain a separate license for that state. You are allowed to obtain as many single state licensures as you want. You are required to adhere to the rules and regulations in the state that you are working (Papandrea, 2016). C304 V3 Task 1 0917 Professional Roles and Values.


Agencies Functional Differences

Discuss the functional differences between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Discuss how the two regulatory agencies influence your professional nursing practice.

Drugs &Vaccines

National health programs

Blood products

Health information technology

Medical devices

Guidelines for reimbursement

Insurance oversight


Medical device internet software

The FDA – Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) both play vital roles in the healthcare system, but they do differ. The FDA is responsible for making sure that drugs and devices are safe and effective. The FDA monitors things such as medications, vaccines, medical devise, and blood products. CMS is responsible for deciding if the product is needed for the condition of the patient or can improve function to the patient. CMS is also responsible for determining the amount that healthcare providers get reimbursed (Richardson, 2015). Professional nursing writing help “304 V3 Task 1 0917 Professional Roles and Values”  Meet the team that makes it all possible

The FDA influences my clinical practice by the types of medications I administer to patients. The medications I administer have to be approved by the FDA. They also decide what medical devices are safe and effective for patients. Their determinations play a factor in what I have available to adequately care for my patients. If a patient is on a medication that has been taken off of the market by the FDA it is my responsibility to inform the doctors that the patient is taking this medication. Which means that is up to me to be aware of medications that I administer.

The CMS is the main decider in determining if patients qualify for certain medications and equipment. This plays a role in my clinical practice when it comes to safely discharging a patient. There are times when a patient needs certain medications or equipment in order to be discharged but CMS doesn’t feel it is necessary, so the patient gets denied. This then can possibly make the discharge unsafe. It is then up to me to work with the medical team and social worker to troubleshoot how we can get the patient the things that they need in order to be discharged safely. This also comes in to play when a patient needs physical therapy services at discharge, but CMS doesn’t approve them because they are out if rehab days or don’t feel it is necessary. It again is up to the whole medical team including myself to figure out how we can get the patient what they need to have a safe discharge. This plays a large part in my advocacy for my patients.


Nurse’s Role as a Patient Advocate



ANA Code of Ethics Provisions & Analysis

 Identify two provisions from the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics.



Application of ANA Provisions

In clinical practice medications errors can happen. Sometimes a patient can be given a wrong dose of medication or a completely wrong type of medication. In this type of error, provisions two can be applied since it states that the nurses primary concern is the patient. In this scenario the nurses primary concern would be the patient. As the nurse you would want to monitor the patient for any adverse reactions to the medication error. If family was present, you would notify the family of the error as well as the patient since you are caring for them as a whole like provision two states. The nurse would be responsible for notifying the team of the error and informing the patient of the error. Making sure that the patient is safe and that the patient has medications available in case an adverse reaction occurred would tie into provisions three. Advocating to the team the error and the need for any additional monitoring from the nurse would have the patient’s safety at the forefront.


Leadership Qualities or Traits

Identify and discuss 4 leadership qualities or traits that represent excellence in nursing.

Four leadership qualities that I think represent excellence in nursing are respect, trustworthiness, critical thinking, and a team player. As a leader at the bedside your teammates and your patient should be able to respect you. If you are not respected as a leader then people will not value your opinions, follow your lead, or ask you for help. If patients do not respect you then they will not be compliant with your care. Respect should be given all around and in order to be an effective leader you need to be respected.


Discuss the significance of the four (4) leadership qualities identified in part H in the nurse’s role as each of the following:

As a leader at the bedside, you should be trustworthy. In order to work effectively as a team, you need to be trustworthy. If your teammates cannot trust you then the team will fall apart. You should be able to talk to leader and know that what is discussed will be confidential and kept between the two of you. If a patient does not trust you then they will not trust you with their care or to be an advocate for them which may hinder their healing. As a leader at the bedside, you must have critical thinking skills. As a nurse it is very important to have critical thinking skills. Nursing is not black and white and a lot of the times the answer is not always in front of you. As a leader newer nurses should feel comfortable going to you when they need someone with more experience to help them critically think. One of the most important traits as a leader at the bedside is being a team player. A leader needs to be willing to help out and not afraid to get their hands dirty. In nursing you need to work well as a team to help get through difficult situations. A leader should be willing to help out in times of need. As a leader there may be things that you may not want to do but you do them because you are part of the team. The team not only consist of nurses but include everyone on the interdisciplinary team. Nursing is very stressful and having a leader with all of these qualities helps make the job a little bit easier. C304 V3 Task 1 0917 Professional Roles and Values.


Within the nursing and interdisciplinary team, it is important to be respected. These teams work together to provide the best care possible to patients and if any member of that team is not respected then the patient is the one who suffers. If there is no respect, then things may not be taken seriously or done in a timely manner. If the person giving an order is not respected, then the order may not get done to its full potential which can cause patient harm or a delay in care. It is also important to have a trustworthiness in the nursing and interdisciplinary team that you are working with. Not only does the nurse need to trust them but the patient does too. If the nurse is not trusted, then the team may not believe what is reported by the nurse. If the patient doesn’t trust the nurse or the team then they may be reluctant to share information that is pertinent to their diagnosis. As a nursing team or interdisciplinary team critical thinking is a must. If you are not able to critically think then things may be missed when assessing a patient. Critical thinking is what nursing is about. It is especially important to be able to critically think in emergency situations. When there are new graduate nurses that are working, they may have not developed the skill to critically think so it is important to have that skill as a seasoned nurse. Lastly being a team player is important when on a nursing or interdisciplinary team. There may be times that a fellow nurse has fallen behind or needs additional help and that is where being a team player comes into play. If you are not a team player, then that nurse will continue to struggle, and her patients will suffer as a result of this. Eventually nurses get burnt out if they do not have a nursing team that are willing to help out. On a nursing team you should be willing to help out fellow nurses. I always say that teamwork makes the dreamwork! No matter how bad the day is if you have a group of nurses that have good teamwork then ultimately the day will not seem as bad.


Work Environment

Identify and discuss how your work environment impacts the following: Professional nursing writing help “304 V3 Task 1 0917 Professional Roles and Values”  Meet the team that makes it all possible

Work environment is impacted by nursing leadership, decision making, and professional development. If the work environment has poor nursing leadership, then the turnover rate will be high on the unit. However, if the work environment lacks communication, teamwork, and effectiveness then this may drive nursing leadership away. Leadership may not have the energy or ability to fix a team that is dysfunctional. Decision making is also affected by the work environment. If there is always high stress situations and lack of support, then decision making will be affected in a negative way. If nurses are always stressed, then the decisions that they make will not be of best judgement. If there is a lack of seasoned nurses on a unit then that will also negatively affect decision making. New graduate nurses do not have the experience or gained the skills to always make right decisions. Their decisions make be impacted by their knowledge in the situation. On the other hand, if the unit works well together and there is less stress then the decision making would probably be more adequate. When your brain is well rested and under minimal stress it makes better decisions. Professional development is impacted by the work environment as well. If I am constantly stressed, then I am not going to think about professional development because my free time is not going to be spent on advancing my career. If you have leaders that push for professional development and help you along the way, then you may be more prone to advancement. I personally have a nurse educator that is a big advocate for professional development and walks with you every step of the way. She meets with you weekly to check on your progress and to answer any questions. This helps the process for advancement run more smoothly and help with any barriers that may come across. Prior to knowing how much she helped I was not wanting to advance professionally because the amount of time I would have to spend outside of work on the paperwork. As a nurse education is a continuous thing since healthcare is always changing. Professional nursing writing help “304 V3 Task 1 0917 Professional Roles and Values”  Meet the team that makes it all possible